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*Bussing to and from Spencer Elementary and Maltby Intermediate is available.

Our Services

Our Staff is fully prepared to help children (K-6th grade) after a long day of learning. From helping with homework, reading, crafts, sports, and free time.

Our Day Camp gives younger children (K-6th grade) the chance to enjoy nature in shorter, more manageable bursts. Each day we go over virtues like kindness, honesty, patiences and more. We also have afternoon activites scheduled every day like Presidential Fitness, Lego class, Art, Splash Days, and Fun Friday. Field trips are every Tuesday with busing from L.E.T.S. transportation visiting many areas of Brighton.

Our Day Care & Preschool program gives younger children (6 weeks-5 years) the chance to express themselves through crafts, playtime, structured class time, and creativity. Each classroom is designed for children to work on their fine/large motor skills, language, and imagination.

Before/After School

Day Camp

Day Care/Preschool